A fence will provide you with private space and will outline your property. A beautiful fence will also improve the overall appearance of your property and will increase curb appeal, so you have to make sure your fence is in good shape.

Maintenance and timely repair are essential, although not all fences will stand the test of time, and there are a few common problems homeowners may experience, including the following:

1. Leaning or Sagging

This may be a sign that your fence needs to be taken down and replaced, but in some cases, it may be possible for you to repair your existing fence. Assess the situation, and if you see that your fence is only leaning in a couple of areas, a repair may be able to salvage the entire thing. A skilled profehamilton fencingssional may be able to correct the problem without taking down your entire fence. Leaning or sagging is usually a sign of the post’s position weakening, and when it is across several posts, it’s an indication of soil erosion or improper installation. If you see that your fence is leaning across multiple sections and notice that the angle is severe, the main support posts may have rotted through, or the cement base may have eroded, so you may need to replace the entire thing.

2. Insect Damage or Rot

If you notice several boards with corrosion or insect damage, do not assume the entire structure is compromised because that may not be the case. The damaged boards may have less of a seal than the others, which will welcome insects and rot, and tearing down and rebuilding your entire fence would be expensive and unnecessary. Removing only the contaminated or infested boards would be a better idea. You can replace just these boards, after which a professional can clean and reseal your entire fence to prevent future infestations and rot.

3. Stains or Mildew

It’s natural for a wood fence to turn gray after several years of being exposed to the elements, and mildew can grow. Your fence will also develop stains because when the sealer starts to fade away, it will minimize the level of sun and weather protection, so your fence will be more susceptible to UV and water damage. Repairing this problem is relatively easy because the process is straightforward, and a high-pressure washer will be used to cut through the surface layer of the boards and reach the bare, clear wood. Once the entire thing is dry, a new stain or topcoat can be applied.

The experts at king fence will help you install the perfect fence. We offer variety and will walk you through the different materials so that you can make an informed decision. If you have any questions or require more information, contact us today!