Canadian winters are full of snow, frigid temperatures and ice. Finding a fence that defends itself from these types of conditions is essential to keeping your property protected. What these four fence types have in common is that they are all resilient and sturdy no matter the tempest around them. Read about each material and decide which is best to construct your fence!


Iron fences are a good winter fence and will last you a very long time. These fences add a modern look to your home from the minute they are installed. Iron fences maintain your home’s aesthetic, while still protecting your perimeter. Winter storms are no match for modular iron fences and these elegant solutions are virtually maintenance-free!


Vinyl fences are a great option for any homeowners looking for the same privacy of wood, but just a little sturdier. Vinyl fences are not only sturdy, but these fences are extremely low-maintenance. The high-quality PVC can withstand the weight of snow and won’t be damaged by high winds, ice, cold temperatures, or sleet. Not to mention, vinyl fences look incredible on any property!

Chain link

Chain link fences are your budget-friendly winterproof solution. These fences blend into nearly any property while still remaining effective 24 hours of the day. Weather won’t impact your fence’s wire, as it’s coated in zinc and thin PVC to ward off any rusting. Strong winds whip right through, and the fence’s structure holds its shape despite heavy snowfall.

Combination fences

Has more than one of the options caught your eye? We knew it! We have you covered if you want a combination between one or more of the winterproof fence options. Incorporate the privacy of vinyl fencing for your backyard and modular iron fencing to level up your front yard this year and enjoy the perks for years into the future.

Now that you’ve chosen your material, it’s time to find a fencing company near you and break ground! Still Confused? No worries, there are quite a few things to consider when building your fence. The experts at King Fence are more than happy to go through your Burlington or Hamilton fence options with you! You can start construction on your new fence no matter what season it is, so why wait! Fill out a form online or call King Fence for your custom, hassle-free quote today!