Caring for your fence is important because this will ensure it lasts for many years. Your fence is an investment, so you need to pay attention to it as wind, rain, sleet, and snow can affect its appearance and durability. Water, in particular, is very problematic because it can seep into the material and cause problems to the structure and stability of your fence, so it’s a must that you catch water damage issues early to maintain the integrity of your fence.

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You need to look for a few things when watching for water damage, including signs of mould. If you notice mould starting to grow on your fence, you need to address this problem right away, and you will have to wash and scrub with water and dishwashing liquid or a mix of water and vinegar.

You can use a pressure washer but use it on a low level so that it doesn’t damage your fence, and plan this process on a sunny day so that your fence can dry instead of starting the wet, mouldy cycle over again. Mould can grow on vinyl and painted and unpainted wood surfaces. It can turn up in different colours, including green, yellow, orange, black or white fence.

If mould is visible on the surface of your fence, it needs to be dealt with immediately; otherwise, it will start to penetrate the material and cause long-term damage. To prevent this problem in the future, keep up with your fence’s staining or painting and keep leaves and debris away from your fence, as this will help prevent a breeding ground for water and mould.

Falling pieces are another indication of water damage, so if you ever see that a panel of your fence has fallen, you need to repair the damaged piece and assess the rest of your fence to see if there is more damage. While it’s crucial to restore the fallen piece, it’s equally necessary to check the integrity of the rest of your fence, so check for mould and damage and take the required steps to lengthen the lifespan of your fence.

Internal issues are tricky because they will not be visible to the naked eye, and this type of damage can cause your fence to be knocked down during a thunderstorm or strong winds. Continued maintenance will help prevent internal damage so take the time to keep an eye on your entire fence and inspect every section thoroughly to notice cracks, breaks or scratches, leading to bigger issues down the road.

If you spot any areas of concern, fix them immediately and add a fence inspection to your list of outdoor chores so that you don’t forget to complete this task.

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