Building a new fence can elevate the appearance of your outdoor space while providing you with security and increasing your privacy. A fence will also improve your home’s curb appeal and offer protection from the elements if you are interested in building a wood fence. There are a few things you need to know in advance, including the following:

Determine your needs

Before installing a fence, you need to first understand what you want. If you’re looking to block noise or wish to add privacy, your wood fence will have to be tall, but you can get by with a basic wood fence if you’re looking for something utilitarian. Knowing the purpose of your fence will help you select the right height to ensure your wood fence is suitable for your needs.

Make sure your wooden fence is facing the right way

You need to know which way a wooden fence should face, so make sure the smooth, finished side of the fence is facing your neighbour, and the side with the rails and posts showing should be on the inside. This is considered standard when building a wooden backyard fence because your property will look nicer, and your neighbour will appreciate your attention to detail.

Understand the maintenance that is required

A beautiful wood fence will boost your curb appeal but before you go out and purchase wood posts, understand the care required of this material. Wood fences will require occasional staining or sealing, and this material can warp and rot over time, so make sure you know what you’re getting into because a wood fence is a commitment so consider this aspect carefully.

Do your research

Make sure you have a clear understanding of municipal building codes because every city has different rules regarding height and material, and you need to build your fence according to this information. Research every detail, including how far back a fence has to be set from sidewalks and property lines, and find out whether or not a building permit is required. It is a must that you know where to put your fence as it needs to be on your property, and this needs to be done accurately so that you don’t face problems with your neighbours or place a fence on their land.

Hire a professional fencing company

Fence installation is not as easy as some people may think, and there is a lot of skill involved, so you should not attempt to build your wood fence on your own. A reputable fencing contractor will build your fence safely and correctly and prioritize quality to get the results you are after.

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