What is the maximum height of a fence for my yard?
Most municipalities restrict the height of a fence to 6’6”. Different restrictions will apply if you have a corner lot. Local by-laws should always be checked.
My neighbour does not want to pay for half of the fence?
Most municipalities have by-laws that help to resolve issues like this.
Do I have to the right to put a fence on the property line?
If there is an agreement amongst neighbours as to the location of the property line then you will not have any problems. If you cannot come to an agreement with your neighbour then your local by-laws will normally have a procedure for helping to resolve these issues. Or, consider placing the fence inside your property.
Do I need a permit?
No, a permit is not usually required; however, a Certificate of Approval may be necessary if you are building a swimming pool enclosure. Always check your local by-laws.
Does my property need to be surveyed?
You and your neighbour should locate the survey bars that identify your property line and you should agree on the location of the fence. Use the survey of the property that you obtained when you purchased your house. If neither of these are possible, you will need to pay to have a survey completed.
Can you build a fence in the winter?
Who is responsible for the “Call Before You Dig”?
The contractor is responsible for obtaining locates. However, the homeowner is responsible for informing the locators of any services connected to pools, barbecues and other common outdoor equipment.


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